About Us



Kino Cosmetics was founded in Malta in 2018, with the aim to offer new skincare and cosmetics brands to the local beauty scene. We focus on delivering a high-quality product in the most efficient manner possible. Our online shop guarantees a streamlined and safe purchasing process together with a good choice of results-oriented products targeting specific needs.Our products can also be found in a number of retail outlets across Malta & Gozo.

The official launch brand of KINO Cosmetics is Daytox - Beauty in Balance. Daytox was founded by L.A.B. Cosmetics in Hamburg, Germany, in 1998. Ever since they have been devoted to providing cosmetic products of first-class quality. Daytox uses plant-based formulations and active ingredients of the highest quality to ensure the best possible results. The formulas are developed in close collaboration with experienced laboratory and skin care experts in a strictly controlled process.

The production takes place in Germany. L.A.B. Cosmetics has always been family-owned. They believe in a harmonious corporate culture and trusting partnerships with their employees, customers and suppliers, all a part of the L.A.B. family. Consequentially their view of beauty is holistic.




DAYTOX products are designed to restore the body's natural balance by using its own powers. The result is a more vitalised appearance, enhancing your natural charisma. We recommend DAYTOX products as part of a balanced lifestyle including a healthy diet and adequate exercise.